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After turning Air ON, double tap on each earbud before connecting to any device. The LED light will flash three times, then it will pulse sequentially indicating pairing has begun. After successful pairing, the light will pulse intermittently - 2 times every 5 seconds.
Each pair of Air headphones comes with one-year limited warranty. We also ensure that every unit is free from manufacturer defects and handled with the utmost care during shipment. For more details visit us at crazybaby.com/warranty
The waterproof rating for Air headphones is IPX6, it can protect the devices from rain and heavy sprays of water however, do not use Air underwater. The Air capsule is not waterproof.
Air is compatible with the latest Bluetooth 4.2 module, any Bluetooth-Smart device such as smartphones, music players, tablets and laptops are able to connect to Air. If your TV or PC doesn’t support Bluetooth, you can connect Air via a Bluetooth adapter.
When the headphones are disconnected from your mobile phone, you will hear the words, "Your headset is disconnected." Press the MFB to reconnect. Once reconnected you’ll hear an audio confirmation: "Your headset is connected". *Some mobile phones may have a prompt screen that will ask if you would like to pair your device.
Air headphones use the latest Bluetooth 4.2 chipset which is backward compatible with almost all current Bluetooth devices.
We have tested the Air headphones maximum stable connection distance to 10 meters in open spaces which is generally sufficient for any typical use. Also, Air’s Bluetooth Chip supports the latest 4.2 protocol which offers improved connection stability and penetration ability.
Yes, you can share them and they may be used separately within a 3 meter distance.
You can connect the left headphone to two devices simultaneously while having the right one powered off, as the left one is the master headphone of the pair.
The passive noise isolation used by Air is sufficient and effective in normal environments however we have not completed comparison tests with other brands yet.
Air headphones use TWS technology to achieve communication between the left and right earbuds. The left one is the master headphone of the two.
The volume can be controlled using your smartphone and by voice commands using Siri or Google Assistant.
Air headphones’ Bluetooth range is 0~10m depending on the surrounding environment.
Air headphones weigh 4.5g per earbud.
Air headphones are 23.6×16.5×26.7mm per earbud.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mars comes with a one-year limited liability warranty that covers manufacturing defects.
Anyone who loves their music and wants to make a design statement in the home or the office.
Magnetic levitation prevents resonance between the speaker and the surface it lies upon which helps to decrease the loss of acoustic fidelity.
1. Place the Mars Craft on the Mars Base.
2. Turn ON by pressing the power buttons.
3. Connect Mars with your smart device via Bluetooth.
4. Mars is now ready to play music.
1. You can control basic music play functions with your Bluetooth phone or device.
2. Using the Mars App you can control: Craft lifting & landing / Auto Volume Control / Multi-speaker pairing / EQ settings / Power saving mode and more.
When using battery power, both the Mars Craft and Mars Base will last for up to 8 hours of continuous playback. When the Base is plugged into power and the Mars Craft is paired with the base, the Craft will continue to take-off and land for endless music playback.
Yes. Mars has Bluetooth 4.0 pairing.
When you pair two Mars together they will create a 2.1 stereo speaker system, a rare ability among Bluetooth speakers and one which sounds simply amazing.To do so, first connect one Mars speaker and the other will pair automatically. For more details, see the Quick Start Guide.
If you purchased a Mars speaker in the North American region, please contact service.na@crazybaby.com or contact us via service@crazybaby.com and we will help you.
Yes, the Mars craft is portable. It is also sand resistant & waterproof to IPX7 standards.
Yes, the Mars speaker is just as comfortable in the boardroom as the living room.
1. Mars has a high sensitivity electronic microphone with flat frequency response, providing better performance than mobile phones.
2. Mars has a 360-degree acoustic lens design that allows everyone at the table to hear the call clearly.
The Bluetooth module inside the Mars Craft will calculate the distance between itself and the connected device. The Mars App is necessary for this function. You can also turn it ON/OFF or adjust the volume manually via the App. This function is designed to help protect hearing.
1. An integrated Subwoofer which works in perfect conjunction with the Mars Craft for better sound.
2. Auto charging of the Mars Craft and magnetic levitation.
3. Power bank with two USB ports for smartphones and tablets.
1. The Mars Craft uses a 1.75’’ ultra-thin full range horn and passive radiator utilizing aptX® from CSR.
2. The subwoofer inside the Mars base provides excellent bass and together with the Craft creates the 1.1 Hi-Fi sound.
3. 360° surround sound design that fills the room.
Height: Craft - 1.3" (33mm) Base Subwoofer - 7.87" (200mm).
Diameter: Craft - 4.72" (120mm) Base Subwoofer - 5.2" (132mm).
Weight: Craft - 392 g. Base Subwoofer - 1534 g.
Please note: technical specifications are subject to change and are intended to represent a general illustration of the product and its features.
The Mars Base has (2) USB Power outlets which can charge smartphones and other devices.
We focus on a sleek design so we only offer Bluetooth audio input.
The compatibility between older Mac versions and Chinese language support is not very stable. You can revise the Mars name into English on the APP then try to connect again.
If you purchased the Mars speaker in the North American region, please contact service.na@crazybaby.com or contact us via service@crazybaby.com

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Frequently Asked Questions

Luna speakers support wireless music experiences with the following connectivity protocols:
1. 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi
2. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 4.0.
No. Luna speakers cannot pair with Mars speakers. However, Luna speakers can connect with each other for multi-room or group experiences.
We designed Luna speakers for multi-room or group experiences and up to 32 Luna speakers can be connected through a local network. They can be in the same room or different rooms and can stream music from the cloud or your devices.
Yes. When two Luna speakers are paired together you can use the App to set them as Stereo or Double Up mode via Wi-Fi AP. For a more immersive, surround-sound music experience, up to 32 Luna speakers can be connected using Wi-Fi AP technology.
We use following materials:
1. 3D Cold-Forged aero grade aluminum with a matte anodized surface treatment and CNC carving at the edges of the housing.
2. Aluminum mesh for the high-frequency horn.
3. High-gloss aluminum ring and high-strength clear polycarbonate for Luna Eye. 
4. Glass fiber-reinforced polymer and ABS resin for the acoustic chamber.

5. Silicone rubber for the stand.
1. Diameter: 98mm 
2. Height: 94.5mm
Yes. Luna speakers include AAC codecs to ensure that you hear the best possible lossless audio quality over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
No. Luna speakers are designed for wireless music experiences with connection via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. There are no wired audio inputs.
Yes. The speaker can be continuously plugged into power or use its on-board rechargeable battery for 6-8 hours of portable use.
Yes. Luna features an echo-free speakerphone. It can be used to answer calls via Bluetooth.
Yes. Luna includes a USB Type-C cable and power adapter that is compatible with A/C power in most countries. For some specific regions an adapter may be required to fit the local standard.
We are working on acoustic tuning and sound testing in our laboratory. Conducting a proper media review requires a final retail product which needs final tooling and production that will not happen until this September. We will keep you updated regarding sound evaluations and project developments.
Yes. The Luna supports Spotify as well as many other music service providers which will be enabled prior to shipment. In the meantime, you can stream Spotify and other music services through AirPlay and DLNA supported by Luna. We will keep you updated according to the development schedule.
Yes. You can use the App to upgrade your Luna wirelessly over Wi-Fi. The firmware can be upgraded with a web browser after downloading to your PC or Mac for more features. For more information please contact us at service@crazybaby.com
From the App, select the speaker setting list. There, you may control the hue, saturation, and brightness with a full-color spectrum.
You can connect Luna wirelessly with your existing Wi-Fi network and DSL router. This can be done using the crazybaby App available for iOS and Android.
Yes. The free App controls Luna features such as pairing, multi-room, customizable EQ and streaming music from services like Spotify, Apple music, Pandora and many others. The App will be available for iOS and Android at the time of shipment.
crazybaby currently offers Apps and support for iOS and Android. We will continue developing Apps for Windows Phone in the future.
Luna is specifically designed for mobile devices that use iOS or Android. We are developing an App for Windows phones as well.
Yes. Luna is designed to use all AirPlay features. It connects wirelessly to the Apple ATV and iOS devices. We will update AirPlay and the MFi certification schedule soon.
The battery lasts for 6-8 hours of playback depending on the volume setting of your devices.
We are developing a custom stand and wall bracket for the Luna and we will update you once they become available. Extra costs will apply to these new accessories.

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