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RGB Color


Meshnet Group



Lossless Audio

Easy Music


World’s Best Wireless Standards in One Device
WI-FI 2.4 GHZ (802.11B/G/N)

One-the-go Bluetooth Audio

With Luna’s Bluetooth connection your party goes where you want. Simply pair with your phone, tablet or laptop. Luna can rock for more than 5 hours with its on-board battery.

Uncompressed & Unleashed Wi-Fi Music

Enjoy an incredible music streaming experience with higher fidelity Wi-Fi transmission. Plus, you can easily beam your favorite music to every room in your house or set-up a 2.0 stereo audio system.


Any Music on Earth Instantly

Music is life. With Luna you can enjoy your favorite sounds, catch up with the latest hits and explore what’s new on the charts right at your fingertips. Shuffle your local music library to keep it fresh all day. Stream audio from Pandora, Tidal, Youtube and more instantly. Get access to your Spotify music natively and easily manage your playlist and artists using the crazybaby app.

Stereo Group Play

Connect up to 32 Lunas

Powered by MESHNET technology the Luna network can support up to 32 units paired together as a stereo system. Or set up a pair as Left & Right channel audio for your laptop. Luna is also the perfect fit for house parties. Simply sync multiple units to rock every corner of your home. Anyone can stream their own music library to share their tunes with the crowd.

Smart Multi-Room

Take Control Over Your House

No need for bridges or complicated apps. Luna is natively compatible with your home Wi-Fi network. Set up multiple speakers to expand your music experience across the entire house.

Telescopic Audio Mechanics

Two Powerful Speakers in One

Our acoustic engineering team equipped Luna with one more tweeter speaker responsible for high-frequency sound independently. The telescopic mechanic allows it to come out of the sphere body to give more space between the tweeter and the full range speaker inside.


Precision Engineered for Great Audio

Luna is built with the most advanced audio engineering technology. It’s a perfect integration of Sound, Light and Appearance. With an aircraft grade aluminum skeleton, it has an ultra-stable structure which ensures crystal clear delivery of full-range sound. You’ll hear and feel its outstanding, distortion-free sound quality by simply pressing the crazybaby button.

Luna Eye

Adjust Hue and Saturation

Choose the color you desire for the Luna Eye to set the perfect mood. Simply adjust Hue and Saturation on the crazybaby App and the Eye changes like magic.

Three Colors

Build Your Combination

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