Luna by crazybaby™

Revolutionary Wireless Speaker

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All Futuristic Design

The moment you switch-on Luna, the Future Music experience begins. Luan Eye telescopic mechanics will stretch out; the front light starts spinning and changing hue. Luna is ready for some great music to roll. It’s like living a future movie scene.

High precision cold forging technology

We took the risk of abandoning the established supplier base and taking the craftsmanship challenges head-on. We adopted a CNC cold forging technology with extremely high forming precision. Although it was more complex and harder to master, compared to traditional die-cast moulding techniques, it is hugely superior and makes the surface refinement of the body possible.

Just the right amount of grip comfort

Luna utilized three-dimensional stretch-bending technology to form the Unibody front cover. Decorated with an exquisite brim, it exudes the artwork -like beauty. Its sophisticatedly crafted anodized surface feels as good as it looks.

Wi-Fi 2.4 Ghz (802.11b/g/n)
Bluetooth 4.0 LE

Connection technology compatible to every situation

Wireless speaker should be more than a speaker without wires. It makes your audio experience more convenient than ever. Crazybaby’s proprietary wireless technology rid itself the drawbacks commonly found in traditional wireless audio technologies, such as low transmission distance and sound quality losses. Every speaker is equipped with a dedicated computing system (or chipset) and a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth wireless module, which enables them to communicate with each other wirelessly. Powered by MESHNET network technology, the linkage can be expanded up to 32 rooms to create an entirely closed private wireless network with highly reliable transmission stability, working solely for Crazybaby system.

Connection technology compatible to every situation

Wireless speaker should be more than a speaker without wires. It makes your audio experience more convenient than ever.

Smart MultiRoom

Multiroom experience has never been so smooth and easy. No need for bridges or complicated apps. Luna is natively compatible with your home Wi-Fi. Set up multiple speakers around the house to expand your music experience into the whole house. Only with a simple press of the button, Luna will play any music on earth in the room you want. Enabled by MESHNET network technology, you can expand your music network up to 32 rooms.

crazybaby Design Language

Luna inherited the spirit of our relentless pursuit of great design and futuristic expression from its predecessor, Mars by Crazybaby™. Sphere is the most perfect and harmonious geometric pattern in the world, yet also an insurmountable challenge in the field of industrial design. To give Luna a truly flawless look, we specifically pick aircraft grade aluminum as its material and adopt both three-dimensional stretch-bending technology and high precision cold forging technique.

It’s Portable, good looking, and easy to hold.

Adjust HUE and Saturation

Enjoy Luna Eye with the color you like and have more fun. Simply adjust HUE and Saturation on crazybaby App and see the chages with Luna Eye. Choose the color you like that suit your mood right now.

The future of wireless music is here

Luna’s performance is balanced and smooth in all frequency ranges which makes the music both naturally pleasant and distinctly more layered. Its high sensitivity makes the sound more transparent and resonant. Under the same music source, it renders an all-around upgrade of acoustic performance.

Precision Engineered for Great Audio

Luna is built with the most advanced audio engineer technology. It’s a perfect integration of Sound, Light and Appearance. With aircraft grade aluminum skeleton, it has the most robust structure possible to ensure crystal clear delivery of full range sound. You’ll feel its outstanding, distortion-free sound quality by simply pressing the back crazybaby button.

Luna Eye

Luna’s 1 inch tweeter brings less distortion, more linear magnetic path. From damper to air-flow design, from harmonic absorption to control of sizing technique, the fact that we didn’t overlook a single detail consummates Luna’s delightful voice.

Feel-in-chest Bass Sound.

The 2 inch full range NdFeB speaker eliminates both the airflow disturbance inside the cabinet and the wind noise issue caused by bass reflex structure. It gives a more accurate bass and mid-Frequency Response and superior separation which make deep bass seem effortless.

Any music on earth straight out of the Box.

Straight out of the box, the Luna is ready to go. Compatible with all mainstream music service and from your local music library.

Seamless Integration with Airplay.

Luna fits perfectly with your airplay devices as its Hi-Fi complement. Connect multiple Luna wirelessly to your Apple TV to get a full immersive audio-visual experience.

Powerful Speakerphone.

facetime or voice calls

Combining omni-directional Bluetooth technology with a high sensitive microphone, Luna will instantly transform itself into a high quality speaker phone any moment you need it.


With 8 hours of battery life and a fitting design easily held in one hand, you can enjoy high quality music wherever you want.

8 hours
Own Network


Seamlessly sync all your Luna’s with our app.Enhance Luna even further by using our Apps, coming soon for iOS and Android.


Smart Alarm
Music Schedule
Luna Eye
Internet Radio
Add Music Services

Wake Up With Luna

Set the SmartAlarm and the Luna’s will automatically rise up with your favorite song, gently waking you up for a new day.

Music Schedule

Create personalized schedules for your workdays, weekends, or any other period of time. Chose from your existing playlists, library or artists of choice.