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We are here to accelerate the audio industry’s evolution.
— Updated on Nov 11, 2017

Crazybaby is committed to delivering the most cutting-edge audio products through futuristic, yet intuitive designs that are accessible to consumers. We never stop pushing the boundary of innovation and creativity, to accelerate the audio industry’s evolution.

About crazybaby

Founded in 2015 by Allen Zhang, crazybaby is a pioneer in futuristic-design and brand of personal wireless audio products and the maker of both hardware and software services. Driven by a philosophy centered around detail in design and best-in-class technology, crazybaby aims to bring you a truly inspiring music experience by crafting innovative, yet stylish headphones that take you on a musical journey. Designed, marketed and sold in 130 countries under the crazybaby brand, its acoustic products include Mars, Luna, Air by crazybaby and Air by crazybaby (NANO).

With world-class designers at its helm, crazybaby is winner of the Red Dot Award, Good Design Award and the CES Innovation Award - Best of Innovation.

Crazybaby is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, with an R&D and manufacturing center in Shenzhen, China, and an acoustic lab in Japan.

The story

Crazybaby was born after its founder, Allen Zhang, recognized that the music listening experience should be smart, inspirational and frictionless to the degree of centering its products around a human-centric design.

Music listeners, often trend setters themselves, don’t have a wide selection of truly stylish audio products that not only express their identity at a price point that’s accessible but also work reliably.

Crazybaby fills in the gap by fusing groundbreaking audio technology and forward-thinking design to continually push the envelope.

Crazybaby is a premium design-minded audio brand, fueled by its passion and dedication to best-in-class acoustic quality and a futuristic aesthetic, centered around the beauty of simplicity and ergonomic design.



“Air by crazybaby”

“Air by crazybaby”

“Air by crazybaby”

“Mars by crazybaby”
Best of Innovation

“Mars by crazybaby”