Air by crazybaby (NANO)

Wireless Headphones Reinvented

10 vibrant colors
fit any ear
true wireless stereo
bluetooth 5.0 ready
12 hours of battery
super fuel
super stabilized connectivity
embedded microphone
splash proof

Wireless Music Simplified

Truly Colorful

The Air (NANO) is available in 10 trendsetting colors. Plenty of choices to match your style.


Sports Dedicated

Classic bullet design offers a snug fit for all types of ears. It is perfect for running, jogging, and other rigorous activity. The soft material that makes up the wingtip is water-washable, anti-static and removable.

wingtips included

Superior Acoustics

The Air (NANO) also uses the industry’s leading 998 custom-made Carbon Nanotube Diaphragms, enabling crystal-clear acoustics giving you an immersive music listening experience.

super-aligned carbon nanotube array
cvc 8th generation noise isolation technology

All Day Battery Life

Travel light with 3 hours of playback in your ears, and an additional 9 hours from the Air (NANO) Capsule. 

custom magnet suction
charging module
super fuel

Ultra Compact

Precision engineering allows for an ultra-compact design, through the extreme optimization of space and parts allocation. No worries about cables tangling or bulky charging cases. The Capsule is compact and can fit any of the smallest pockets.

bulky charging cases
portable Air (NANO) capsule
Button Control
Answer Call/ Hang-up
Voice Assistant

embedded double digital
silicon microphone

voice assistants

Crazybaby Super Stabilized Connectivity

Unlike other wireless headphones on the market, Air (NANO) uses an advanced PIFA (Planar Inverted F-shaped Antenna) (the same type used in an iPhone). This type of antenna offers increased bandwidth and an enhanced signal reception that results in a stable connection.

After putting the true wireless headphones through a rigorous set of simulation tests, Air (NANO)’s connection was consistently rated as among of the best in its industry.

precision engineering

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  1. It’s required to pair Air (NANO) with your device before first use.