Air by crazybaby (NANO)
Wireless Headphones Reinvented
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Truly Effortless

Quick listen technology.

Quick Listen allows for an unbridled listening experience simply by taking Air (NANO) out of its wireless charging case and plugging it into the ears – no power-up required (1).

Truly Colorful

10 vibrant colors fit to every style.

10 vibrant colors for unprecedented choice. Match a room, a mood, a style or a feeling for the ultimate in self-expression.

Ultra Compact

Precision engineering.

Precision engineering achieves perfection in a miniature form. True wireless stereo headphones are reinvented by our award-winning team of audio experts to pump up your wireless music experience on the go.

Hi-Fi Sound

Superior clear acoustics.

Immersive 998 custom-made Carbon Nanotube Diaphragms reproduce clear acoustics to deliver a superior listening experience without compromise.


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  1. It's required to pair Air (NANO) with your device before first use.